DER’s Mission Statement:
“Ukraine should unite and not divide the EU and Russia”

„DER Dialog Europe-Russia“, a Vienna based think tank established in 2011, pursues the declared mission of contributing to a trustful relationship between the European Union and the Russian Federation, to the awareness of a wider Europe and to the modernization of Russia.

For the enhancement of Russia’s modernization DER has organized international conferences covering a wide range of topics such as the reform of the pension system, vocational training, the importance of small and medium size enterprises for a successful development of national economies, the impact of Russia’s WTO membership and the role of religion in nation-building. As young people are the key to new approaches, DER organizes Youth Conferences bringing together representatives of the new generation from EU countries and Russia.

DER is committed to the promotion of a close partnership between the EU and Russia in a changing global environment. For economic, cultural, historic and other reasons, the EU and Russia are natural partners. However, the conflict in and around Ukraine which erupted over the strategic orientation of this country has led to a dangerous military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and to a dramatic deterioration in the EU-Russia relationship. In order to avoid a further escalation of this conflict with long-lasting negative effects for peace and prosperity in wider Europe, a political process must be launched without delay to find durable solutions for the internal and external aspects of the Ukrainian crisis. The EU and Russia have a shared responsibility for a successful outcome of this peace process and for the reconstruction of Ukraine’s devastated economy. If the EU and Russia succeed in this endeavor they will have laid the ground work for their strategic partnership.

DER operates with a small team and relies exclusively on private sponsoring. Its headquarters are located in A-1010 Vienna, Reitschulgasse 2/2.