Events & Participation

8/9 June 2021 DER-participation Primakov Readings online Discussion “Western Societies’ Transformations: Foreign Policy Implications”strong>
26 May 2021 DER-participation MSC online Conversation on “Relations between Russia and the West”
19 May 2021 Online-presentation and discussion of the study
„The European Green Deal and Russia“
by Bingmann Pflueger
Find the study here: English version / German version
22 April 2021 DER-participation AEB (Ass. of Eur. Businesses) 25 Anniversary Conference
“Russia and Europe in the world of tomorrow. Looking back to move ahead“
Online discussion with Wolfgang Schuessel „Leaders of the future. Who will shape the world of tomorrow“
14/15 January 2021 DER-participation Gaidar-Forum 2021 „Russia and the world after the pandemic“
Online discussion with Wolfgang Schuessel „Post-Pandemic Europe“
25 June 2020 online-presentation and panel discussion of the study on
„Economic Challenges and Costs of Reintegrating the Donbas Region in Ukraine“
presented by the Vienna Institute for International Studies (wiiw)
10 June 2020 online-lecture Dr. Yaroslav Lissovolik, Programme Director Valdai Club, Russia
„The EU and a Global Cooperative Framework for Regional Arrangements“
14-16 February 2020
DER-participation 56. Munich Security Conference
Primakov Readings Round Table “Russia’s Foreign Policy choices in the new era of great power competition”
15-16 January 2020
DER-participation Gaidar Forum 2020 “Russia and the World”
Lectures by Wolfgang Schüssel “"Greater Europe: Is it still in the making?" and “Russia and the World: Challenges of the New Decade”
11 November 2019
DER-participation Working Group "A Common Economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok" - "Dialogue between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU); recent developments"
Keynote by Wolfgang Schüssel "Geopolitical developments in the EU and its neighbouring countries”
25-27 August 2019
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
“Developments in the relations between the EU/the West and Russia. The economic situation in the EU and Russia”
“Digitization: common challenges and solutions” (more...)
20-21 June 2019
DER-participation (Ruth Pauli) International Cybersecurity Congress 2019
5 June 2019
DER-lecture Dr. Dmitri TRENIN, Director, Carnegie Moscow Center,
"Re-imagining relations between Russia and Europe"
15-17 February 2019
DER-participation 55. Munich Security Conference
Side Event Round Table “Primakov Readings”
22 Nov. 2018
Yegor Gaidar Prize 2018 for "Outstanding Contributions to the Development of International Humanitarian Ties with Russia” awarded to Wolfgang Schüssel
31 Oct. - 1 Nov. 2018
DER-participation MSC Core Group Meeting
12-13 August 2018
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
“Focus on political developments in the relations between the EU / the West and Russia”
“The economic situation both in the EU and Russia - opportunities for bilateral trade and investment”
5-6 July 2018
DER-participation (Martin Vukovich) Sberbank International Cybersecurity Congress (more...)
29 May 2018
DER-participation Third Primakov Readings, speech by W. Schuessel at panel “The New Bipolarity: Myth or Reality?”
18-20 March 2018
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
„Socio-economic reforms in Russia after the presidential election. Chances for a more efficient EU. Economic outlook in the EU and Russia”
„Developments in the common neighbourhood of the EU and Russia (Ukraine). Perspectives of the EU-Russia relationship”
16-18 February 2018
DER-participation 54. Munich Security Conference
3-5 December 2017
DER-participation Munich Security Forum
19-21 November 2017
DER-Seminar on „Unaffordable Healthcare Systems“
18 October 2017
DER-participation Valdai Discussion Club
„Creative Destruction: Will a New World Order Emerge from the Current Conflicts?“
16-18 August 2017
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
“Present state of the political and economic relations between the EU and Russia. Looking into the future: How could this relationship evolve if the preconditions for a fundamental improvement were met? How could the vision of a pan-European free trade area become a reality?”
“Economic situation and outlook in EU-countries and in Russia”
28 June 2017
DER-lecture Andrey Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Moscow
“Actual Thoughts on Russian Foreign Policy”
2-4 April 2017
DER-Advisory Board Meeting - analyzing
„The economies of Russia and EU countries are performing slightly better than before. However, sustainable economic growth requires deep structural reforms”
„Will the relationship between Russia and the West improve under the new US - Administration? How will this impact on the EU-Russia relations?“
17-19 Feb 2017
DER-participation 53. Munich Security Conference
18 Jan 2017
DER-lecture Prof. Dr. Yevgeny Gontmakher, Management Board Member, Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR), Moscow
„Russian Crisis: Causes and Perspectives"
27 Oct 2016
DER-participation Minsk Dialogue, Conference on Pan-European Integration Processes
Statement by Martin Vukovich „The security of Wider Europe must be indivisible“
26 Oct 2016
DER-participation Valdai Discussion Club
Special Session „Europe – our failed future ?“
Statement by Wolfgang Schüssel „Europe – what else ?“
22-24 Aug 2016
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
„Economic growth through economic reform“
Perspectives of the EU-Russia relations“
24 Jun 2016
International Conference - "REFUGEES – MIGRATION – INTEGRATION"
8 Apr 2016
DER-participation at conference conceived by Lrd.Weidenfeld
Keynote by Wolfgang Schüssel „Putin’s Russia – its impact on Central Europe and the Balkans and on the Global Perspective
3-5 Apr 2016
DER-Advisory Board Meeting - analyzing
„Gradual improvement of EU-Russia relations through cooperation in specific areas where both sides have similar interests“
„The economic situation in the EU and Russia; opportunities for closer economic cooperation“
12/14 Feb 2016
DER-participation 52. Munich Security Conference
16 Nov 2015
DER-participation International Conference (AFC)
„What future for the relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation? Points of view from Southeast Europe“
– Keynote by Wolfgang Schüssel
10/11 Nov 2015
DER-Advisory Board Meeting - analyzing
“The present crisis in the relations between Russia and the West (EU) as well as developments in and around Ukraine”
“The economic situation in the EU and Russia”
9/10 Nov 2015
DER-Sberbank-EU-Russia Young Business Leaders’ Forum
“The Business Environment in Russia and in EU Countries, Problems and Possible Solutions”
“Management Education in Russia and in EU Countries. Is It Adequate to the Needs of Young Entrepreneurs?”
22/23 Oct 2015
DER-participation Valdai Discussion Club
Session 5. „Correcting past mistakes: Which post-Cold War decisions have strengthened the peace and which have weakened it ?“
25/26 Sept 2015
DER-AFF-Round Table
„Cultural Philanthropy“
11-13 Sept 2015
DER-participation Baltic Forum
Statement by Martin Vukovich „ A way out of the present crisis between the West (EU/USA) and Russia“
11 Sept 2015
DER-participation 12th YES Annual Meeting
Working lunch „Joint Challenges, separate values? Changing dividing lines in a volatile world“
4 Sept 2015
DER-participation Ambrosetti Villa d’Este Forum
Working lunch „The Energy Challenge for Europe and the World“
17 June 2015
DER-participation MSC-Core Group Meeting
Session „Energy Matters“
3 June 2015
DER-lecture Fyodor LUKYANOV (Chairman of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and editor-in-chief of the magazine „Russia in Global Affairs”): „Views on Russia”
22-24 March 2015
DER-Advisory Board Meeting – analyzing
„Promoting peace, stability and economic recovery in Ukraine - a common task for the EU and Russia” -
„How to overcome economic stagnation and recession in the EU and Russia?”
27 February 2015
DER-participation CEPS Ideas Lab 2015 - Prime Talks „The future of EU-Russia relations”
24 October 2014
DER-participation Valdai Discussion Club
„New rules or no rules ?” - Statement by Wolfang Schüssel
8 October 2014
DER-lecture Austrian Ambassador to the Ukraine, Wolf Dietrich Heim about the „Current view of Ukraine”
18-19 August 2014
DER-Advisory Board Meeting
„How to overcome the present conflict in the Ukraine and the related crisis in the EU-Russian relationship”
19-20 June 2014 DER-Journalists-Round-Table in co-operation with The Yeltsin Foundation:
„The role of the media in the present political situation and their possible contribution to restoring confidence in the EU-Russia relations”
10-11 April 2014
DER-Participation „Lech Energy Forum“
„Energy Policy in Europe. What’s next?“
22 Jan. 2014
DER-Lecture Amb. Dr. Marcus CORNARO
Deputy Director-General, Directorate-General Development and Co-operation - EuropeAid, European Commission
17 Dec. 2013
DER is represented at a conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation
Statement by Martin Vukovich
14-16 Oct. 2013
St. Petersburg
DER-Students’ Forum „Visions for a Wider Europe“
in co-operation with The Yeltsin Foundation and the Department of Political Science at the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg
15-18 Sept. 2013
DER-Participation „Valdai Discussion Club“
Russia’s Diversity for the Modern World
28/29 June 2013
DER-Conference „Multiple Traditions, Multiple Transitions, Multiple Modernities“
23-24 Apr. 2013
DER-Participation conference „20th anniversary on the Russian Constitution“
11-13 Apr. 2013
DER-Participation „Lech Energy Forum“
„Energy policy in Europe: the road ahead“
27 March 2013
DER-Lecture Prof. Igor Ivanov (Former Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian International Affairs Council) „Russian International Affairs“
21 March 2013
DER-participation conference „Russia - European Union: Potential for Partnership“
7-9 March 2013
DER-AB Meeting
-Russia - Current development – G20-chair, WTO, OECD
-Status of global economy and finance – special focus on Europe“
27-29 Nov. 2012 DER-participation in the „Cultural Dialogue in International Security“
7 November 2012
DER-Lecture Dr. Yevgeny Volk (The Yeltsin Foundation)
„President Boris Yeltsin and Russian Foreign Policy in 1990s and beyond: overcoming the legacy of the past“
3/4 November 2012
DER-Participation in the Trilateral Commission European Meeting – „Engaging with Russia“
5 Sept. 2012
„Adaptation of the Russian economy to WTO processes and regulations“
„Key parameters of the New (Basic) Agreement factoring in Russia's WTO membership“
16/17 August 2012
Participation of DER in the Salzburg Trilogue 2012
“Tackling the Global Gordian Knot: Can economic growth be socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable?”
24-26 May 2012
Participation of DER in the Baltic Forum
„Problems and challenges in Europe that require solutions in the near future“
14/15 May 2012
DER Youth Forum „How do we see each other?“
70 students aged 17 from seven European countries and five major Russian regions discussed their future and got acquainted with the European Parliament and the Council of Europe
29/30 March 2012
DER-participation „Lech Energy Forum“
„Europe's energy landscape in 2030“
22/24 March 2012
DER-Advisory Board Meeting analyzing
- Russia after the Presidential Election
- In Times of Financial Crisis
15 December 2011
DER-participation in the IRT-Plenary Session
"EU and Russia in the Global Game: new tools, new rules, new strategies"
14 December 2011
DER-Lecture Dr. Dmitri Trenin (Carnegie Moscow Center)
„20th Anniversary of the End of the Soviet Union“
7/8 Sept. 2011
Global Policy Forum - Section I Meetings "Global Security and Local Conflicts"
DER-Lecture "How to deal with frozen conflicts"
14/15 August 2011
DER-Advisory Board Meeting
Perspectives of the WTO-membership of Russia
16/17/18 June 2011
St. Petersburg
International Economic Forum
"Russia - EU business Dialogue"
- Enhanced Cooperation and Pragmatic Integration
"Bldg. Russia's Creative Capital - Northern Caucasus: Unlocking the Potential"
31 May 2011
„EU – Russia: Modernisation Agenda“ dealing with - Reforming the Russian vocational training - Reforming the Russian pension system - Russia’s way into the OECD
23 March 2011
DER-Lecture Yevgeny M. Primakov, Former Prime Minister of the Russian Federation „New trends in international relations“
24 February 2011
„EU and Russia – Partners in Modernisation“ dealing with
- Diversification, modernisation and innovation of economies - Development of a financial system that serves the real economy
- Support of small and medium-sized enterprises
- Promotion of an active civil society

DER Journalist's Round-Table

A Round Table of prominent journalists from Russia and several other European countries jointly organised by 'Dialog-Europe-Russia' and 'The Yeltsin Foundation' was held in Vienna on 20 June 2014. The discussion was focused on the Ukraine crisis and a possible contribution by the media to restoring confidence in the EU-Russia relations.

DER – Student's Forum St. Petersburg

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DER – Youth-Forum Strasbourg, first impressions

60 high school students aged 17 from Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Slowakia will gather and discuss how they see each other, how they perceive our world and what they expect of the future.

EU — Russia: Modernisation Agenda

In cooperation with the Moscow Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) and the EU-Russia Industrialists’ Round Table (IRT), “Dialogue-Europe-Russia” (DER) organised a seminar to discuss important issues related to the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernisation. The meeting was held in Moscow on 31 May 2011 at the premises of INSOR, and was dedicated to

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Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel, Aart de Geus

EU and Russia - Partners in Modernisation

Brussels, February 24th

In his introductory remarks, the President of DER, Austria´s former Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel, pointed out that a group of former politicians, business leaders and scientists guided by the desire to foster ties between the European Union and Russia gathered in Brussels in order to make an intellectual contribution to the EU-Russia Partnership for Modernisation. Despite huge political, economic and social differences, the EU and Russia today face similar challenges and problems. In order to remain competitive on a global scale both the EU and Russia are preparing long-term economic and social development strategies (up to 2020).

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Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel, Anatoly Chubais, Aart de Geus
From left: Dr. Wolfgang Schüssel, Anatoly Chubais, Aart de Geus